Curriculum Videos

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Introduction to Curriculum Videos
Week Position Tech 1 Tech 2 Tech 3
1 Mount Upa Escape Cross Choke  
2 Closed Guard Cross Choke Scissor Sweep Mixed Grip Cross Collar
3 Guard Passing Kneeling Guard Break Single Underhook Pass Double Underhook Pass
4 Side Control Side Control Escape Mouse Trap Americana Far Side Armbar
5 Back Control Back Scrape Escape RNC Cross Collar Choke
6 Standing Double Leg Takedown Sprawl Defend Punches to Double Leg
7 Half Guard Back Take Replace Full Guard Knee Cut Pass
8 Turtle Replacing the Guard Turnover to Side Control Taking the Back
9 Closed Guard Hip Bump Sweep Kimura  
10 Guard Passing Standing Guard Break and Staple Pass Staple Pass to Mount  
11 Mount Elbow Escape CPR Armbar Armbar from Mount
12 Standing Single Leg Takedown Single Leg Defense  
13 Closed Guard 2 on 1 Arm Drag to Back Pendulum Sweep Armbar
14 Guard Passing Standing Guard Break Toreando Pass Double Ankle Sweep
15 Front Headlock Front Headlock Basics Guillotine Head wipe escape
16 Side Control Alternate Grip Escape Kimura  
18 Standing Coming Soon...
17 Closed Guard Triangle How to Finish Setup  
19 Basic Open Guard Intro and Entry Maintain Position and Grip Breaking Attack and Sweep
20 Guard Passing Log Splitter Guard Break Knee Slice Pass  
21 Kesa Gatame Attacks Escapes  
22 Half Guard Coming Soon...
23 Back Control 'Wrong' Side Escape Wing Choke Bow and Arrow Choke
24 Foot Lock Coming Soon...
25 Standing  
26 Butterfly  
27 Guard Recovery